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Our Products

  • FlexIndusPro (Industry Solution)

We are proud of our engineering team who created the “Pre-configured Industry Solutions” by utilizing multiple ERP, EPM, ECM, BI technology products. Although we continuously invest in creating industry solutions, we are also happy to offer the current solutions for Asset Lease & Warranty, Manufacturing, Engg. & Construction, Agriculture Verticals.

  • FlexPOD (Proof of Delivery SCM)

SAP Certified product FlexPOD® is a Proof of Delivery with real-time updates, visibility of Shipment with precise delivery information. With FlexPOD, customers have the ability to track the shipment, validate with “Clean” or “Dispute” POD with inbuilt workflows, and thereby free up the cash tied to supply chain operations.

  • FlexMobex (Mobile RFID)

FlexMobEx® is a unique flexible mobile solution developed for use with ERP systems such as SAP, JDE supply chain operations. FlexMobex offers pre-built mobile and Radio Frequency transactions together with essential tools to optimize the ERP value chain. FlexMobEx® is an integrated solution targeted on Mobile and Radio Frequency transactions – whether they are SAP based or reside in other systems. Our product helps to get a unified set of transactions – so that existing solutions may be accessed through a common interface, reducing the overall investment in moving to a new mobile enabled world.

  • FlexGRC (Risk & Compliance)

FlexGRC is developed to address Governance, Risk and Compliance by enabling our customers with Segregation of duties (SOD), SOX Audit, Security Setups etc.

  • eHospital (Hospital Mgt. System)

eHospital is a comprehensive patient throughput hospital software solution that enables all patients to flow at their best possible rate with respect to service times, quality, safety and resource consumption. It facilitates prioritized patient flow across various hospital departments, providing real time information as to the status of patient throughput, so leaders can manage what is measured. eHospital is designed to help improve the patient care and streamline the processes at the hospital with a systematic approach from admissions (AE, IP, OP), scheduling, gathering the patient data, case management, patient history of medications/surgeries, managing the hospital resources, inventory management, billing and accounting/auditing features to its highest utility and advantage.

  • ezPractice (Healthcare Practice Management)

ezPractice is designed to meet the needs of a small practice while still allowing for the benefits of a bigger package. While the paperless office is quickly becoming the future, it is unfair to demand the technologically challenged healthcare professionals to use the complicated software during the encounter process. We worked closely with practice groups to understand the customer pain points and came up with a product that is simple, easy to use, sophisticated, and affordable.

  • eMemberPlus (Benefits Management System)

eMember Plus is a comprehensive solution developed for the Unions to manage the members and their benefits. It is seamlessly integrated with the Payroll Systems, Insurance, Healthcare, and Legal systems. It is the Complete Membership Management System covering Health and Welfare fund, Legal Services, Payment Management, Document Management, etc.